Why do cats knead? Only experienced cat owners know


I believe many people have seen cats knead. Why do cats often knead? The reasons behind it are generally understood only by senior cat owners.

What does it mean when a cat kneads you?

Kneading, is also referred to as making biscuits or the cha cha in many cat lovers forums, because this action looks like mixing noodles, with two claws stamping up and down rhythmically.
Kneading is accompanied by the purr enjoyed by the cat, which usually lasts for a long time.
Watching them knead is always one of the favorite things for cat lovers.
And the object of kneading is very rich! Such as soft blankets, fluffy pillows, cat owner's thighs.
The common feature is everything that is soft and warm.


Why do cats knead?

1. Instinctive reaction

There is a saying that when the cats are still small kittens, they will step on the mother cat’s breast with their paws to stimulate the secretion of breast milk, and this state can make them feel protected, safe and very content.
Therefore, after leaving the cat mother, kittens instinctively knead when drinking milk, which is a physiological reaction.
When they touch soft things, their familiar feelings will be awakened, and they will also make a purr of contentment when they are emotional.

2. Miss their mother

Today's pet cats usually leave their mothers and are taken home by their owners when they are very young.
In the depths of their memory, the time with their mother is always beautiful and warm.
When they think of their mother, what they recall most is the scene of snuggling up to their mother, and they can't help but "kneading".


3. Territorial behavior

However, some cats that are so young that they are forced to be separated from their mothers after eating breast milk for a few days will also have the habit of kneading in the following days.
Therefore, many scholars speculate that kneading is actually a habit left over from cats a long time ago, and this action is actually to trample on grass and leaves to create a safer and comfortable rest environment for themselves.
Cats have a strong sense of territory, and when they are attracted to something, they will make a mark to declare their sovereignty.
The glands on the cat's claws have a special smell, which can be stained with its unique smell through kneading, which is a means for the cat to occupy the territory.

4. Pass the time

If your cat is often alone at home, but when it is bored, it will also knead.
Cats pass the time like this because they don't think it's funny anymore.
The pet owner had better spend more time with the cat and interact with the cat, otherwise the cat is prone to anxiety, irritability and other feelings.

5. In estrus

If you observe carefully, you will find that cats knead more frequently when they are in estrus.
Because the cat may be irritable when it is in estrus, kneading can relieve its anxiety.
At the same time, it is also the cat's behavior to express the desire to mate, because in the process of kneading, it can emit a unique smell, attracting nearby cats to mate.

As a competent cat owner, when you find your cat kneading frequently, it is best to create a quiet and clean environment for it.
Use Lionpapa's cat litter refills to change the clean cat litter for them and then just quietly enjoy the time when the cat kneads.

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