Usage detail of diaper pail refill


In the last blog post, we mentioned the preliminary installation method of the diaper pail refills, and today's article will describe in detail how to deal with the diaper pail refill in the specific use process.

Installation is only the first step. You won't be in a hurry to use it every day if you learn how to use it.
If you want to operate diaper pail refills methodically like a veteran, then read on to this article.

newborn baby

1. Roll the diaper into a tight ball.

After changing the baby's diaper, roll up their diaper tightly and secure it with the tape on the diaper.
It is best to roll diapers into square or round bundles.
After all, the tighter you wrap a dirty diaper, the less space it takes up, and the more a diaper bin garbage bag can hold when it is full.
Be careful not to loosen the tape, as it may attach to the refill, causing it to tear.
Generally speaking, a set of diaper pail and refill can hold about 34 newborn's diapers at a time. This number will decrease as the child grows older.

2. Put dirty diapers in the diaper pail.

After rolling up the dirty diaper, open the lid of the diaper pail, press the switch at the bottom of the pail and insert the diaper.
Push the dirty diaper all the way to the bottom of the refill.
After inserting the diaper, release the switch at the bottom of the bucket to ensure that the seal at the top of the barrel is closed again.
Once you do this, put the lid on.
Once the seal at the top of the pail is closed, the diaper pail will twist the refill just below the seal, sealing the dirty diaper at the top.

3. Take the top of the diaper pail off.

Once your diaper pail refill is full, press the button located in the middle of the diaper pail (where the top and bottom meet) and release the top from the bottom.
Turn the top over to reveal the built-in cutter mechanism inside.

newborn baby

4. Cut the refill off the top.

After unscrewing the top and exposing the built-in cutting device on the diaper pail, pull the refill into the cutter mechanism and press until it cuts off the refill.
Tie a knot at the top and wrap your diaper in a garbage bag.
When doing this, be careful to leave enough length when cutting refill to make sure there is enough space to tie a knot----usually three to four inches.

5. Remove the whole refill.

After tying a knot at the top of the refill, lift the whole refill and throw the refill full of dirty diapers into the trash can outside.

6. Tie a knot on the new refill.

This step is similar to that at the beginning of use.
When you remove a garbage bag full of dirty diapers, be sure to tie a knot at a new beginning of refill.
If you don't, when you continue to throw diapers into it, they will fall directly into the bottom of the diaper pail instead of in the diaper pail refill.

7. Remember to clean your diaper pail every week.

Even if the diaper pail refill can separate the diaper from the pail, it is not completely free of bacteria and odor. In order to keep the diaper pail as clean as possible, the best way is to clean the diaper pail at least once a week.
To achieve this, disassemble the diaper pail into scattered parts, wipe the inner and outer surfaces with a bleach solution, and spray the inside with disinfection and deodorant spray when changing the lining.

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