How to use diaper pail refills?


Parents who have bought a diaper pail should know that the refills of the diaper pail are different from the ordinary garbage bag, unlike the ordinary garbage bag, as long as you put the diaper in and wait for it to be filled before throwing it away.
Because it needs to match the function of the diaper pail and maximize the advantage of the diaper pail refills, parents should learn how to use this unique refill correctly.
How often should you throw diaper pail refills? How many diapers can a diaper pail hold? These are all things that inexperienced parents should know, and it doesn't matter if you don't know.
The following article will tell you exactly what to do.

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Step 1: Take stock of all the items that come with your diaper pail.

Read carefully the instruction manual that comes with your diaper pail to make sure you have a good idea of all the parts in the package and how each part works.
Before you start assembling diaper pail, make sure that you do not lack all the parts listed in the instructions.
If you find anything missing during the verification process, please find the missing part before starting the assembly process.
If you don't know where to buy these missing parts, you can call the customer hotline in the manual and ask the seller to send the part to you.

Step 2: Assembling the diaper pail.

Connect the top (part A) and bottom (part B) of the diaper pail together.
There is a hinge at the bottom of part A and a bar at the top of part B.
Put the bar into the hinge and press it down without much effort until you hear a click that indicates that they have successfully joined together.
After securing the hinge between the top and bottom of the diaper pail, cover the top lid, reverse the entire pail, and then press down until they are successfully stuck together, at which point your diaper pail will look like a tall, thin cylinder.

newborn baby

Step 3: Prepare the refills.

And then it's time for our Lionpapa diaper pail refills to come in handy.
Before using a new unopened refill, pull the tab on the refill to remove the plastic seal.
Then pull the plastic bag of the refill down until it releases a length of about 18 inches, which is long enough to fill the bottom of the diaper pail.
Finally, tie a knot at the bottom.
The style of knotting is as long as it is strong enough that it will not be loosened, and an overhand knot is most suitable for fixing the bottom.

Step 4: Put the refill in the diaper pail.

The fourth and final step is to place your prepared refill on top of your diaper pail and push the previously fastened knot with a longer clip until it touches the bottom of the bucket.
Close the lid of the diaper pail and you can start using this set of tools now.

In general, if you pay attention to storage, a set of diaper pails and refills can hold about 34 newborn diapers at a time, while each box of Lionpapa diaper pail refills is 20 feet long and can easily hold 270 diapers, enough for you to use for a long time.
This is the end of the preliminary introduction to the use of Lionpapa's diaper pail refills.
In the future, we will introduce more details on how to use it after installation, continue to follow Lionpapa's blog, and find more life skills.

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