Litter Genie Reviews: Is It Really Worth It?


As a cat owner, you would realize that dealing with cat litter would be one of the worst experiences when you live with your cat.

There are many products designed to solve this big headache. Manufacturers claim that their cat litter pails are easy to use and worthwhile. But if you have tried, you will find most of the products don’t live up to the hype.

Among these ‘magical’ cat litter pails, Litter Genie is one of the best sellers. Many customers regard Litter Genie as the most convenient way to dispose of cat waste. It can well seal off the cat litter odors and keep your home fresh.


How does Litter Genie work?

It’s a common problem for cat litter pails that the smells run out when you open the lid to dump the clumps. Litter Genie’s designer has solved it with a handle.

When you open the lid, the handle is closed and the soiled cat litter inside the pail is not exposed to you. After you pour the soiled cat litter into the pail, close the lid and pull the handle to drop the clumps.

During the process of cleaning the litter box, Litter Genie helps you seal off most of the odors.


Litter Genie Standard vs Litter Genie Plus vs Litter Genie XL

Litter Genie has three models: Litter Genie Standard, Litter Genie Plus, and Litter Genie XL.

Pros of Litter Genie Standard:

Litter Genie Standard is the basic one. It is the cheapest: $16.99 and has the same capacity as Litter Genie Plus. This pail holds soiled cat litter for up to 14 days with 1 cat.

Pros of Litter Genie Plus:

Litter Genie Plus pail is made of antimicrobial material that prevents odors caused by bacteria on the pail. There are two colors available: black and gray. And it only costs from $18.81 to 21.99. If you live with 1 cat, the Litter Genie Plus pail should be the best choice.

Pros of Litter Genie XL:

Many cat owners that keep many cats have reviewed that Litter Genie Standard and Plus pails are not big enough. That’s why Litter Genie XL pail came out. The new model of Litter Genie holds up to 50% more cat litter. It is ideal for multi-cat homes. Litter Genie XL pail costs $26.99.


Where to buy cheap alternative Litter Genie refills?

The hugest disadvantage should be the price of litter genie refill bags. On Amazon, a 4-pack refill is priced at $29.99, $7.5 for each cartridge. The refill bags add up in cost.

You can find several alternative litter genie refills on the market. However, most of them are disappointing. Some are only a little cheaper than the original bags; the others are of poor quality, too easy to tear.

So, where to find cheap generic Litter Genie refills?

Lionpapa, thousands of Litter Genie users’ choice.

Lionpapa's generic Litter Genie refills are suitable for Litter Genie Standard and Plus pails. Composed of 11 layers of EVON materials, Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refill bags are stronger and more durable than the original litter genie refills. Our Litter Genie standard refills and Litter Genie plus refills not only help you save money but keep your home fresh.

The prices of Lionpapa’s Litter Genieare quite affordable: $19.99 for 4 packs. And if you buy a set of 16 packs, it is cheaper, $73.99, about $4.6 for each pack.

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