Diaper Genie vs Ubbi: Which Is the Best Diaper Pail?


Dirty and stinky diapers are the nightmare of millions of new mothers and dads.

Dealing with the bunch of crap is so annoying! Since you need to separate the waste into groups, it is not advisable to discard the soiled diapers in the trash can in the yard. Or, the feces gradually decompose day after day and release the odors. The awful smell will smell up the environment.

No one wants to live in smells.

That’s why diaper pails come out. This kind of product is designed to seal up the odors of diapers and keep your home smelling fresh.

Diaper Genie and Ubbi diaper pail are the top products that are approved by customers. If you find it hard to choose, read this blog post to find your best choice.


The major differences between Ubbi vs Diaper Genie

Both Ubbi diaper pail and Playtex Diaper Genie have been on the market for more than 10 years and are accepted by millions of customers.

Before deciding on your choice, discover the differences between Ubbi and Diaper Genie. Then, select a suitable one for you and your family.


Ubbi’s diaper pail is made of steel that keeps the smell shielded inside.

Diaper Genie is made of plastic. It’s porous but light.


There is a pedal at the bottom of the Diaper Genie, making it easier to use.
Ubbi uses a sliding lid to help you throw out smelly diapers.

Refill bags:

With a special construction, Diaper Genie needs to use special refill bags.

Traditional trash bags are suitable for Ubbi diaper pail. Ubbi also provides disposable plastic bags.


Features of Diaper Genie

Diaper Genie has helped many families through difficult moments with their babies thanks to its original design.

No contact with the hand: It is not required to contact the pail with your hand. Step on the foot pedal to open the lid and the inner clamps. This helps you enhance your hygiene.

Double airtight clamps: The inner clamps contribute to keeping all odors to an absolute minimum.

7-layer refill: The durable film of 7 layers helps to lock odors.  

Built-in antimicrobial: There is a built-in antimicrobial in the pail and the original refill, preventing germ spread.

Cons: Special refill bags add up to a big sum. A 3-pack costs $18.49, more than $6.15 for each pack. Each cartridge has a capacity of up to 270 coats. But as your baby grows, diapers must change to larger sizes. Then, each pack won’t last a month.

Even if you make full use of every inch of the film, you will need at least 12 packs for a year. For one year, it adds up to $74, far more than the price of the pail.


Features of Ubbi diaper pail

Ubbi diaper pail has won 9 awards. It is highly praised by parents.

Steel: Steel is not porous. Made of steel, the Ubbi diaper pail can better seal the smells inside the pail.

Childproof lock: If your baby is curious about the pail, simply turn the childproof lock button to lock the sliding lid and keep the litter hands from getting inside. With it, you don't need to worry that your baby is making a mess with the pail.

Save money: While the Ubbi diaper pail is much more expensive than Diaper Genie, no special bags are required. You can even use trash bags with it.


Which is the best diaper pail for your family?

Overall, both Ubbi diaper pail and Diaper Genie are excellent products. It’s a tough call to choose one.

To put it simply, if you prefer the foot pedal, take Diaper Genie. Maybe you are concerned about the lifetime fees. Lionpapa can help you.

Lionpapa’s generic refill bags are as durable and strong as the original bags, but they cost no more than 70% of the original bags. It’s referred to as the best cheap generic diaper genie refills.

But if the steel material and childproof design appeal to you more, then choose the Ubbi diaper pail.

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