Attentions: Litter Genie How to Use


Litter Genie has raised an entirely new wave of cat owners to take care of their cats and has captured those cat lovers.


Why can Litter Genie become so popular?

That’s because it is designed to help cat owners solve the toughest problem of keeping a cat: cat litter smell control. With such a simple but useful cat litter pail, you will no longer have to bear the stinky smell or give up keeping a lovely cat due to the fear of smell.


Besides, Litter Genie is very simple to use: as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1: scoop; 2: open lid; 3: pull handle.

Each pail can hold soiled litter for up to two weeks for one cat. It means you only have to empty the pail every two weeks, and you don’t need to go out to throw out the dirty cat litter every day, leaving you more time to relax with your lovely cat.


However, although Litter Genie seems to be foolproof, there are several things you have to note. Here are the top mistakes that cat owners are likely to make.


  • Open the refill in a wrong way

Many users of original Litter Genie refill bags have encountered this problem: There is no tab. If you do not start the bag correctly, you will end up squandering a whole cartridge. And there is no way to rescue it.

If you're a Litter Genie owner, you might be heartbreaking by what I said. What costs is not the Litter Genie pail itself (from $16.99 to $26.99), is the Litter Genie refill bags ($7 for each package). Nobody will be willing to spend money like that.


Fortunately, Lionpapa has taken this into consideration and provides cat owners with a generic Litter Genie refill with a tab. With our tab, you can start the cartridge without any effort.


  • Refills are not strong enough

As the refill bags of the name brand is not quite affordable, a lot of cat owners replace them with generic Litter Genie refills.

But things aren’t quite that simple. Most of the cheap alternative Litter Genie refills on the market are not as strong as the name brand. They are too easy to tear.

Imagine that when you open the pail to empty it, these stinking clumps come out of the bag. What a disaster!


Lionpapa generic Litter Genie refills are highly recognized by customers. Its 11 layers of EVON materials make it stronger and more durable than other brands.


  • Tie the knots really simply

Tying a knot at the end of the film is not difficult at all. But if you pay no attention to it and don’t tie it tightly, the soiled cat litter will run down to the bottom through the gaps.

Then you will get a funky pail!


  • Empty the Litter Genie pail without regular cleaning

In order to keep your Litter Genie pail and your room clean, do empty and change your refill bags on time and lean the pail with warm soap water. Before placing the new cartridge, make sure the pail is completely dry.

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