5 Reasons: Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Bed?


One of the most annoying experiences for cat owners is being awakened by the smell of cat urine.

Oh, my god! The cat has micturated on your bed, leaving you to face the mess. Sometimes, your cat even pees on your bed in front of you.


So, why do cats pee on the bed?

Peeing on the bed might indicate the possibility of illness. If your cat suddenly pees on your bed for no reason, see your vet to ensure your lovely cat is not suffering from an infection.

The following are the possible reasons why your cat uses your bed as her or his litter box.


It is well-known to cat owners like you that cats are so picky, especially about the “bathroom”.

Once they feel dissatisfied with the litter box or cat litter, they would find a place where they feel comfortable, like your bed.


The litter box is not in a good location

Cats pay attention to their privacy. With the litter box exposed to people or in a noisy place, they might refuse to relieve themselves inside the litter box. They will feel too anxious to pee or poop when sitting in the litter box.


Your cat doesn’t like the litter

People select items that they like and that bring comfort, the same for your cat.

If your cat feels uncomfortable with the cat litter you choose, particularly if your kitten thinks it’s not soft enough, she or he won’t go to the litter box.

If you are not sure what your cat prefers, do a cat litter test: Put two cat litter boxes next to each other, one filled with softer cat litter, the other with a rougher type. The one your cat chooses and uses regularly should be the new brand.


The wrong type of litter box

As we already mentioned, cats are fastidious and only relieve themselves in comfortable places.

A lot of cat owners place a cover on the litter box to trap the odors, making it difficult for your cat to sit comfortably in the litter box. Secondly, a high box side might prevent your cat from getting in and going out.


You need more cat litter boxes

This is likely to happen in families with more than one cat.

Cats are born possessive. If you provide litter boxes less than your cats, they may fail to mark their land. They don't like using things that belong to others either, so they choose your bed as their bathroom.


The litter box needs to be clean

Most cats are mysophobia. If you forget to clean the litter box, they will refuse to use it.

As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to empty and clean the litter box. You should get yourself prepared before keeping your cat or cats.

Litter Genie and Lionpapa generic Litter Genie refills can help you with that, especially with the stink. This couple contributes to sealing odors inside the pail by the construction and 11 layers of EVON materials.

Besides, Lionpapa Litter Genie refills are stronger and more durable than the name brand but cost less than 70% of the original refill bags.

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