How to Clean the Litter Box for Your Lovely Cat?


Both cat and dog are great companions. They add spice to your life, and remove your anxieties as spiritual solace.

Cats don’t need to be walked like dogs, so pet owners may prefer cats to dogs to some extent. But they can be finicky about their bathroom habits and obsessive about cleanliness.

Reality has shown that more than 10% of cats relieve themselves out of the litter box because of the uncleanness.

If the box is too full, messy, or smelly, your cat may go somewhere else. The position of the litter box also affects the choice of your cat.

Here is how to clean a litter box to keep your kitten happy and avoid messes.


Select and place the box

A sturdy plastic litter box should be a popular option for your lovely cat. The size of the litter box also counts. The biggest box that your home can hold will please your cat. It allows your kitten to enter easily.

Unless your cat has a preference for covered boxes, a rectangular litter box should be the starting point. Where to put the litter box can decide whether your cat will relieve herself or himself in the box. Remember to put the box away from noise to give your honey maximum privacy.

If you have more than one cat, prepare an extra box for your cats. Cats are territorial: they dislike sharing litter boxes with others.


How to maintain a litter hox?

Although most cat litter brands on the market declare that they eliminate kitty litter odor. But it doesn’t mean the odor will disappear.

In addition, your cat won’t like a dirty and stinky litter box.

So, scoop out droppings and clumps at least twice a day. The litter scoop is easy to miss. Don’t forget to wash it and then put it away.

How to dispose of the used litter?

The best way to prevent odors is to seal the waste. Litter Genie and Lionpapa generic Litter Genie refill bags have helped thousands of cat owners with that.

According to Litter Genie users, it significantly reduces cat litter smell at home and decreases the amount of trips to the trash.

Lionpapa litter genie bags are composed of 11 layers of EVOH materials and are stronger and more durable than the original bags which have only 7 layers.


Cleaning the litter box

Regularly scooping and replacing cat litter keeps the litter box smelling fresh. But the box itself needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

When emptying the litter box, although some natural litters are flushable, don’t dump all the contents into the toilet. Or else, you risk plugging out your toilet.

After that, wash every centimeter of the litter box with warm water and mild unscented soap. Your cat is sensitive to smells. Chemical cleaner might leave a smell on the box and your kitten won’t go near the box. Certain chemicals even threaten the health of your cat.

Before refill, the clean cat litter into the box, and dry the box with paper towels.


Eliminate problems

Record your cat’s preferences: If your cat eliminates outside the box, she or he may be unsatisfied with the litter box: the kind of cat litter, the depth of litter, the place of the box... Then make any necessary adjustments.

Clean out-of-box waste thoroughly: this will help your cat see it as an unacceptable place to relieve herself or himself and break down the residual odor.

If everything goes well, your cat is still going outside the box, talk to your vet to rule out health issues.

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