Cat Litter Smell Control: Tips to Make a Stinky Litter Box Smell Fresh


One of the worst experiences of cat owners should be the stench of litter box. No one likes a dirty litter box.

What if you are the one that had to use the dirty box? Studies have found that more than 10% of cats stop using their litter box at some point. This should be traced to the dirty litter box.

Fortunately, we have found effective ways to control litter box odor.

The terrible smell of cat litter box even stops cat lovers from keeping a cat and bothers cat owners.

If you are one of the victims, this blog will help you better enjoy your time with your lovely cat.

Why does cat litter smell?

One reason: Litter box is the bathroom for your kitten, but there is no rinsing device and your cat is unable to wipe himself or herself clean.

The other reason: Cat urine is quite different from that of humans. It contains plenty of pheromones to mark territory, etc. Besides, for male cats especially intact ones, there is a high level of felinine.

The special ingredients have their own distinctive odors. And the longer they are in your litter box, the smellier it will be.

How to get rid of litter box smell

Your cat is not the only one to blame. Cat litter, litter box, how often you clean it, they all affect the smell of cat litter in your room.

Only if you figure out the right methods can you prevent the terrible smell. Here are some tricks to keep your litter box from smelling.

Keep it clean

The best way to keep litter box odor at bay is cleaning it frequently. Scoop it at least twice a day for your kitten to remove the soiled litter.

Wash your box every week and make it dry before pouring the cat litter.

Store the used litter, seal the smell

Where to store the dirty cat litter is a tough problem for all cat owners: If you pour it into the garbage can in the yard at each scoop, it wastes a lot of time; if it lays inside your room, the stinky smell will go to every corner.

Where should it go?

Litter Genie pail and Lionpapa generic Litter Genie refill.

With Liter Genie, the terrible smell will be sealed inside the pail. Even when opening the lid to pour the used litter, the odor won’t attack you because there is a handle keeping odors inside the pail.

Lionpapa litter genie refill bag fits for Litter Genie and Litter Genie Plus. It offers cat owners a better quality than the original bag by the design of 11 layers EVOH materials at a much more reasonable price.

Cat litter: type and correct usage

Different cat litters smell differently and the ability to cover litter smell varies.

A large part of cat owners prefer clumping litters, which makes it easy to remove solids and liquids, eliminating litter box odor.

The thickness of cat litter in the box has an impact on odors. If the cat litter in the box is not enough, the pee can’t be absorbed and your cat won’t be able to bury its feces. 2 inches deep is a good choice for your cat.

Litter box

Choose the largest box that your room can accommodate. Cats don't like places that are too small.
Change the box for your kitten once a year because there would be grooves, hellhole.

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