How Much Do Diapers Cost and How to Prepare for Diapers?


When your baby comes, there's a big bill for your family. And diapers can be one of the major parts of the bill. 

You may be wondering how many diapers your child will use and how much the diapers will cost. Lionpapa once posted the blog on how many diapers a baby uses. In this blog, let's talk about the cost of diapers. Besides, there will be some tips for you to save money on diapers.


How much are diapers?

Prices of diapers vary with many factors: brand, size, material, etc. In general, a layer is $0.2 to $0.4. 

During the first few weeks, your baby can use up to 12 diapers per day. As your baby ages, the frequency of diaper changes drops gradually. 

For example, when your baby begins to use the size 4 diapers, your little child will need just 6 diapers in a day. But the diapers of bigger sizes also cost more than smaller diapers. So, the average monthly costs of diapers in different stages of your baby are much the same. 

During the first year, your baby can use about 3000 diapers. It means diapers will cost $600 to $1200 for one year. 


How to save money on diapers?

As a new parent, I think you want to give the best to your adorable baby, don't you?

However, raising a baby can be far from cheap. Diapers, feeding, clothing, gear, child care, medical expenses, etc. All these costs add up day by day.

You need to learn how to save money on diapers. Buying diapers blindly can waste a big sum of your money.

Buy large boxes of nappies instead of small packages. Diapers in big boxes are more affordable than in small packages. 

But never overstock. If you stockpile too many diapers of the same size, you will waste when your baby changes into the next size-up diapers.  

Figure out how many diapers your baby will need before buying. 

Stock up on diapers on sales. There will be big discounts on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, Christmas, etc. 

Caution: Do not save money by changing diapers less often than it should. Baby waste will keep irritating your baby’s delicate skin. There will be a greater chance of diaper rash and diaper blowout.


Diaper partner worth trying

Diaper Genie and Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refills: 

Dealing with the used diapers can be a common challenge for new parents. The soiled diapers stink within a few minutes. You must store the stinking diapers before the garbage trucks get here. 

Diaper Genie is designed to help new parents like you with that and keep your nurseries smelling fresh. 

Although Diaper Genie is not so expensive, the special multiple layers refills do. A 3-pack of original Diaper Genie refills costs $18.49. For a year, it will add up to more than $70, more expensive than the Diaper Genie itself.

Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refill is made of 11 layers of EVOH materials, sealing diaper smells inside the diaper pail. But these best cheap Diaper Genie refills are priced at less than 70% of the original refills.

Don’t mistake Diaper Genie and Lionpapa’s Diaper Genie refill alternative as a luxury for your family. They are worth the investment.

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