Diaper Blowout: How to Prevent Diaper Blowout?


As a new parent, how does it feel to hear the word ‘diaper blowout’? When you see the two words, it seems to smell the stink of your baby's poop.
Babies poop more often than adults. And every once in a while, the diaper may not hold all the poop. Poop escapes from the diaper and is on the back, legs, or even on your baby's belly.
Baby’s poop is generally liquid and once the diaper doesn’t fit properly, diaper blowout happens.
We are going to list the top reasons for diaper blowout and help you to prevent diaper blowout.
If you have been faced with diaper blowouts many times and don’t know what to do with them, don’t miss this blog.


What causes baby diaper blowout?

The majority of diaper blowouts can be associated with poor diaper sizes.
Diapers of different sizes are for babies of different weights. If you choose the diapers of the wrong size, the diapers won't work perfectly.
In addition to diaper sizes, how long the diaper lasts also counts. When your baby wears a diaper for a long time, the diaper will be full of urine and can’t hold any poop.
Last but not least, wearing diapers for your baby is not as easy as most parents think. If you have chosen the right diaper but wear it for your baby in the wrong way, your baby will also be at risk of diaper blowouts.


How to deal with diaper blowout?

Fortunately, there are effective diaper blowout hacks. If diaper blowouts happen often to your baby, please find a way to help your baby avoid diaper blowouts as soon as possible. You don’t want to face the dirty and stinking baby clothes and stuff.
Make sure the diaper fits well

How to put on a diaper so it doesn’t leak is not so easy. Putting the diaper on your baby is just the beginning. The cuffs are to prevent diaper blowouts. You need to run your fingers around the edges of the diaper to pull out the cuffs.
Choose the right diaper size

There are diapers in different sizes. And babies are in different shapes and sizes.
If the diaper is small for your baby, there will be no place to hold your baby’s waste; If it is too big for your little child, there will be gaps between the diaper and your baby’s ass. Then baby poop will leak from the gaps.
If your baby is between the size and the next size, it is recommended to buy the next size diapers.
Change the diaper type

Energetic babies are more likely to have diaper blowouts. There are diapers designed for active babies. If you find that your baby keeps moving a lot, buy the special diapers to better prevent diaper blowout.

The capacity of each diaper is limited. Each diaper can hold baby waste for 2 to 3 hours. Babies in diapers have much more bowel movements than adults. You need to change the baby's diaper after each poop.
If you find your baby's used diapers are full and diaper leaks occur frequently, consider the frequency of diaper changes.
Never save diapers in that way. Your baby will end up with diaper rash and diaper blowouts.
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