How Many Size 2 Diapers do I Need?


Baby diapers differ in not only texture, material, price, but also size. 

As a new parent, you may wonder what determines the size of diapers. Does the baby's age determine the size of diapers? That should be a common misconception about baby diapers.

So, let’s learn how to select the diaper size for your lovely baby. We discussed diapers for newborns and size 1 diapers. In this blog, Lionpapa will talk about size 2 diapers with you. Go on your reading to better care for your baby. 


When does my baby start using size 2 diapers?

Before talking about the size 2 diaper age, you should know that size 2 diapers are designed for babies weighing 12 to 18 lbs.

To put it simply, consider changing into size 2 diapers when your baby is about 12 pounds. Babies of average weight tend to start using size 2 diapers when they are 2.5 to 3 months old.


How many poopy diapers should my baby have?

When your baby begins to use size 2 diapers, she or he will have fewer bowel movements than in the newborn period.

Ordinarily, your baby is likely to poop about 3 times a day and less than 5 times is normal. It means your baby will have about 3 poopy diapers every day. Once your baby suddenly poops quite more frequently or less than usual, take a look at what’s wrong and make an appointment with the pediatrician to rule out serious diseases if it lasts for several days.


How long will my baby stay in size 2 diapers?

After stepping into the stage of size 2 diapers, your baby will grow a little slower than in the first 2 months. Your little one can gain 5.3 to 6.3 ounces every week, and 1.3 to 1.6 pounds each month.

Your baby can use size 2 diapers when the weight is between 12 to 18 pounds. Size 3 diapers can be picked when your baby gets 16 pounds. So, your baby will stay in size 2 diapers for 3 to 5 months. The exact duration varies with your baby’s growth rate.


How many size 2 diapers do I need?

Babies who stay in size 2 diapers need 8 to 9 diapers per day. Most babies use size 2 diapers for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 150 days, based on our calculated duration.

So, you can stockpile at least 720 size 2 diapers. In terms of saving money, it is recommended to buy boxed diapers.

Have you imagined how much space the used diapers will take up? And with so many soiled diapers, how the nursery, even your home, will smell?

Once you have changed diapers for your baby or have dealt with used diapers, you would know how fast they get stinky and how smelly they can be!

Is there any effective way to solve the trouble?

Of course. Diaper Genie and Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refills have helped thousands of families with baby to deal with dirty diapers. Lionpapa’s 11 layers of EVOH materials can firmly lock the soiled diapers’ smell inside the refill bags. And Lionpapa’s Diaper Genie refills alternative cost less than 70% of the name brand.

With Diaper Genie and Lionpapa’s Diaper Genie refills alternative, your baby’s nursery will no longer stink, leaving a healthy environment for your lovely baby.

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