How to Choose the Best Odor Control Cat Litter?


Apart from the cost of keeping cats, the stink bombs should be the major problem.

Cat urine contains plenty of pheromones, which have special smells. Not to mention, cat feces odors can easily smell up your house.

Fortunately, it is cat's nature to bury its waste in the dirt or sand. This is why domestic cats nowadays use litter and cat litter. And when it comes to choosing cat litter, how it controls odors should be the most important thing for many cat owners.

But, what kind of cat litter can control odors at least?

How to choose the best cat litter for odor control?

If you are confused about this, this blog is going to help you.


What to look for in cat litter?


If cat litter can properly control smells and how it can hold cat urine depend greatly on the material. Cat litter is available in clay, corn, wood, paper, crystal, and more.


Cat litter may be divided into two categories: clumping cat litter and non-clumping cat litter.

Dust level

This parameter plays an important role not only to protect your soil and furniture from dust but also to protect your lung, family members, and your cat.

If you or your family have allergies, dust produced by cat litter may worsen the symptoms. Cats may have allergies as well. It is the same for cats with allergies. So, you’d better buy dust-free cat litter for your feline friends and your family.


Cats are sensitive to scents, and scents can even deter your cats from using the litter boxes.


Pros and cons of common cat litters

Clay cat litter

Pros: The most widely used cat litter should be clay. Clay cat litters do well in clumping and absorbing cat urine. And it is easy to scoop clay clumps. Last but not least, it is super affordable.

Cons: Some clay cat litters contain chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive cats. Besides, they are not the most environmentally friendly.

Natural cat litter

Pros: There are natural cat litters made of wood, corn, walnut shell, etc. And walnut shell cat litter can be 100% biodegradable. They do clump and absorb cat waste smell.

Cons: Natural cat litter is more expensive than clay litter and some are unaffordable. Made of natural materials, this type of kitty litter is more difficult to scoop.

Crystal litter

Pros: Crystal litter, should be the most absorbent and effective at odor control. It lives up to the name: best odor control cat litter.

Cons: It won't clump and is more expensive than other cat litter.


How to better control cat odors?

To control the odors at the minimum, while choosing the best odor control cat litter is important, it can be more important to store the soiled cat litter in cat litter pails.

Litter Genie has been highly praised by millions of cat owners. Litter Genie can well seal the odors inside the pail with the built-in odor control material and the special refill bags.

Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refill bags are as good as the original refills but cost less than 70% of Litter Genie refills.

To keep your home fresh and make the environment more comfortable, pick the best odor control cat litter and Litter Genie with Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills for both you and your feline friend.

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