Help! Why Is My Cat Panting?


It’s really normal to find dogs panting heavily. They do so to cool down.

But if that happens to your cat, you should be alert. Panting can be a symptom of cat illnesses.


What does cat pant look like?

It looks like panting in dogs, mouth open, tongue partially out. If you listen carefully, you can hear your pal taking small shallow breaths in and out.

When cats pant, they tend to lie down on the floor. But if they are on guard against the situation, they might be standing up.


Normal breath in cats

Sometimes, panting in cats is just a normal behavior.

After strenuous exercise, such as walking for a long distance, jumping up and down many times, they might pant for a while. In addition, if there is any threat, they may pant, too.

So, if you notice your cat panting, take a moment to recall what your pal was doing or there is anything wrong around your cat.

But if you are not sure why your cat is breathing weird, consult your vet. If needed, take your cat to the pet hospital.


Abnormal panting in cats

Labored breathing in cats could be symptom of many common cat diseases, some of which are even fatal.



Panting, wheezing, coughing and high respiratory rate are the most common signs of asthma.

Although there is no cure for cat asthma, corticosteroids or bronchodilators can effectively control it and abate these symptoms.



Heartworm is also called parasite. The definitive host is dog, but it also infects cats.

Adult heartworms often reside in the lung arteries as well as the heart. They will damage cats’ lung vessels and tissues, leading to respiratory problems.


Keeping clean is the fundamental to keep your kitty away from parasites. The importance of maintain the cleanness of litter box cannot be overemphasized, particularly if you keep both dogs and cats.

Prepare litter boxes for every pal to prevent cross-infections. Clean the litter boxes at least twice a day. Do not empty the clumps into the trash can. Cats may search trash cans to play. They will be in danger of being infected.


Storing soiled clumps seems to be a hassle, but only it will keep your home fresh, it also greatly reduces the risk of cross infection.

Litter Genie pail and Lionpapa generic refill make it much easier. The pail is cheap and easy to use. Although the original refill bag is not cheap, Lionpapa provides alternative refills at least 30% cheaper than the name brand. Our bags are strong and as durable as the original one.


Respiratory infections

Think back to what you felt when you had respiratory infections. It is the same for your cat.

Respiratory infections in cats typically begin as viral infections. Your vet may suggest you feed antibiotics to your cats to help your kitty breathe easier.


Congestive Heart Failure

Heart problems are common in cats and lead to breath issues. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to notice at the beginning.

Heart failure can result in lung capacity loss, making it harder for your kitten to get oxygen. So, your cat has to pant and breathe much more frequently.

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