Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me Every Night? All About Cat Sleeping


When I was keeping cats, I found that cats love to sleep on their owners.

These cats will sleep on people's knees, laps, bellies, backs and sometimes even faces.

Although cats are so unruly, I actually enjoy seeing them sleeping every time.

Sometimes I even let them sleep on my lap myself, and I'm sure I'm not alone!

So why do cats like to sleep on people so much? Here are five reasons why cats sleep on their owners.

Why do cats sleep on you or next to you?

1. Trust you

Cats will only rest on their owners if they have deep faith in them and believe that they will do no harm to them.

When my friends come to visit me, they also like to hold a cat in their arms. Of course, the cat does not want to.

If they are held against their will, sometimes they will not fight back because they are afraid, but they will run away when given the chance.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

2. You're warm

I found that when the environment is cold, especially in winter, cats are very willing to get close to their owners, and in summer they are less enthusiastic.

Cats also often seek a warm, cozy place to sleep. Think about whether your cat often takes a break in the sun or sleeps on a piece of clothing you've just ironed.

It shows that cats are smart and just want to find a warm place, because the human body temperature is a comfortable temperature for cats, and people will feel comfortable at the same time.

They feel warmest, especially when they're sleeping on your head, because that's the part of your body that gives off the most heat.

But there is one annoying thing, cats will purr when they sleep, I can't sleep when I hear it at night.

3. Feel safe sleeping on you

If you bring a lot of friends, the cat will be very alert and will have to lie on you to sleep.

Cats are very smart. When they feel threatened, they don't just sit back and wait. They always find ways to respond safely.

If the owner can get along with the cat happily for a long time, the cat will first think of you in case of danger or problems that they cannot solve themselves.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

4. Territory consciousness

Cats are territorial creatures, so sometimes they choose to sleep on you to "claim" territory. In their mind, you're theirs!

If you have a lot of cats, you may find that sometimes cats get bullied by other cats for sleeping on you.

Sometimes a cat will rub its face against your feet or even your face. This is to transmit the scent to you, further marking territory.

5. Your cat really loves you

Sometimes you go out traveling for five or six days in a row and don't come home, while it and your parents stay together for a long time haven't seen you.

When you get home from your trip, it will surround you with excitement.

And as soon as you sit down, you find that your cat has climbed onto you and gently fell asleep, which shows that it miss you so much and love you.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

So the next time a cat falls asleep on you, think about what makes it sleep on you.

Is it too cold, or does it think you're safe, or is it trying to claim ownership?

Of course it could be all of those things, but at the very least you should be proud that they would only choose to sleep on you if they liked you.

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