Where to Put Cat Litter Box? Some Positions Cat Owners Should Know


The location of the litter box is very important to determine whether your cat will be able to go to the toilet in the litter box, which determines how easy it is to clean it.
If you've just bought a new litter box and aren't sure where the best place to put it in your house, here's a guide.

When choosing the location of a litter box, the following factors are most important:

1. Convenient to find.

That means cats should have easy access to the litter box.
So don't put the litter box in an area that takes a lot of effort to find.
Let's say your house is so big that it has a basement and the cat lives on the top floor.
It's too tiring for cats to walk down countless stairs, so they may choose to go to the toilet elsewhere.
Especially for older cats and kittens, the litter box should be positioned at convenient place so that the cat can easily find the litter box.

where to put cat litter box

2. Be quiet.

No one likes to be taken aback when you go to the toilet, or to have someone walk in front of you while you go.
The same is true for cats. The litter box should be located in an area that won't be disturbed too much. The following areas should be avoided:
- Next to the washing machine.
A running washing machine sometimes makes a sudden noise, and if your cat is on the toilet at the same time, it might get a fright.
Once it associates going to the litter box with being frightened by the noise, it may refuse to use the litter box and urinate elsewhere.
- In the middle of a room or a hallway or others frequently used area.
Cats also need privacy, and they can become shy if people are constantly walking around while they are defecating.
Once it becomes too shy, it will most likely find a quiet place to defecate on the floor.

3. Appropriate brightness

Don't put the litter box in too dark place. The proper light will make it easier for the cat to find a place to go to the toilet.
Cats have great night vision, but they can't see their surroundings in total darkness.
If your home is so limited that a litter box can only be placed in a dark corner, a small night light next to the litter box can be very helpful.

4. Place separately with cat feeder and water fountain

Can you eat next to a toilet?
In their natural environment, cats tend to defecate away from their resting area.
So try to place the litter box as far away from the cat feeder and the water fountain as possible at home.

where to put cat litter box

What about multi-cat families?

1. The number of litter boxes

The litter box should be at least the same as the number of cats. If possible, you can place N+1 litter box (N= number of cats).
If two cats are on good terms and can coexist peacefully, with little chance of fighting over the litter box, then two litter boxes should be enough.
But if there will be a conflict between cats and even bullying phenomenon, such as a cat will guard at the gate of the litter box prepared to attack another cat, that it is better to put on three cat litter boxes, and make sure every litter box has at least two entrances and exits, so that the cat can run away.

2. The placement of the cat litter box

Do not stack the litter boxes together, but separate them as much as possible. Three litter boxes placed together are equivalent to one cat.


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