What Is Cat Litter Made Of? 5 Common Materials


The composition of cat litter varies depending on the types. Each type of cat litter is not perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding the material of various cat litters is convenient for everyone to choose the right cat litter according to the cat's preferences and use environment.

The following will briefly introduce several common cat litter materials on the market.

(1) Tofu litter

Tofu litter is a kind of vegetable fiber sand, because tofu litter is processed from plant fiber, so the waste tofu litter can be treated in a variety of ways such as water solubilization, incineration, composting, etc., and is a more environmentally friendly type of cat litter.

In addition to tofu litter, bamboo litter, peanut shell cat litter, and corn litter on the market are also plant fiber sand.


In the early days, the main ingredient of tofu litter was mainly soybean fiber, and with the evolution of manufacturing technology, it was found that pea fiber had better water absorption, cohesion and deodorization than traditional soy fiber. Therefore, the high-quality tofu litter on the market now uses pea fiber as the main material.


When shopping for tofu litter, you can choose products made of whole edible ingredients, so cats are not afraid of eating even if they are contaminated with cat litter. In addition, kittens that are easy to eat cat litter mistakenly can also be used safely, and it is the first choice among the types of kitten cat litter.


⚠Tips: If you want to buy durable tofu litter, you can pay attention to whether the manufacturer indicates that it is made of pea fiber. Although the price of soy tofu litter is lower, but the cohesion, water absorption, durability may not be as good as the new generation of pea fiber tofu litter, if the goal is to buy new tofu litter, it is recommended to check what kind of fiber is used when purchasing.

(2) Pine litter

Pine litter is a particle made of high pressure of wood chips, with a faint pine fragrance, also known as wood chip litter.

There are two types of pine litter on the market, disintegration type and coagulation type, and the principle of coagulation type is the same as tofu litter, so many people think that pine litter can also be flushed in the toilet, but this is a misconception. Compared with tofu litter, wood chips are longer and insoluble in water, and longer fibers flushed directly into the toilet will jam the pipeline, so don't try.

(3) Bentonite cat litter

As the name suggests bentonite cat litter is made of bentonite, and it is most consistent with natural sand, which is an acceptable foot feeling for all cats, so it is widely loved by cats.


Because of the high cost of odorless deodorization formulas, some low-priced traditional bentonite cat litter will switch to adding flavors to cover the odor to maintain the price advantage. But covering the odor does not mean eliminating the odor from the source, and the cat's sense of smell is several times more sensitive than humans, and these additional flavors can easily cause cat discomfort and unwilling to approach the litter box.

In addition, the indoor space will also be filled with strong flavors, and if it is used for a period of time mixed with the excreted smell of cats, it will definitely affect the quality of human living.


A new generation of bentonite cat litter, in order to take into account the olfactory experience of cats and owners, usually choose a lower odor deodorization method, such as adding activated carbon, zeolite sand and other ores with many holes to absorb odors, but also add food-grade baking soda, active enzymes and other ingredients that can actively decompose odor sources, compared to flavors that only cover up odors, such bentonite cat litter can effectively decompose odors, not only better experience, but usually longer use.

(4) Crystal litter

The main component of crystal litter is silica, which belongs to pure chemical cat litter, and the appearance of the sand body is blue-white.

(5) Paper litter

Paper litter is mainly made from recycled paper and is a very environmentally friendly type of cat litter.

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