What Does Diaper Rash Look Like?


As a new mom or dad, have you ever felt helpless when your baby was attacked by a disease? There are plenty of potential dangers for your baby and even the smallest errors can lead to serious illness. Learn more information about the symptoms of these potential diseases for your baby.

Among these potential diseases, diaper rash should be placed at the top of the list.

Almost every newborn has suffered or is suffering from it, including you. It brings pain and discomfort to your baby. With diaper rash, your baby may become agitated and cry far more often than usual.

Fortunately, most of these symptoms are visible, which provides the opportunity for you to take action to help your baby.

What Is Symptom of Diaper Rash: From Slight to Severe

Getting the hang of how to discover and describe the baby rash aids in communicating with your pediatrician. The earlier you diagnose the symptoms, the more you can do to help your baby. We have listed the symptoms of various severity of diaper rash to help you.

1. Slight diaper rash

  • Faint to definite pinkness over a small area
  • A single raised bump or papule
  • Slight dryness

They may be described as premonitory symptoms. If you find the symptoms mentioned above, your baby has slight diaper rash or is going to develop diaper rash.

2. Mild diaper rash

  • Faint to definite pinkness over a small area
  • Evident redness over a small area
  • Scattered raised bumps or papules
  • Moderate dryness (maybe scaling skin’s surface)

3. Moderate diaper rash

  • Definite redness over a large area (maybe 1/3 or 1/2 of the bottom)
  • Intense redness in a small area
  • Several areas of papules, less than 5 of which are raised pustules that contain fluid
  • Edema or peeling (maybe)

If there are pustules, you can’t overlook them.

4. Severe diaper rash

  • Very intense redness over a large area
  • Severe peeling and edema
  • Bleeding
  • Loss of the out layer of skin
  • Plenty of pustules and raised bumps (almost cover the whole bottom)

If your baby is experiencing moderate or severe diaper rash, don’t hesitate to consult your pediatrician. It makes your baby hurt, agitated, and even refuse to touch the bottom. If managed incorrectly, it may lead to severe infection.

How to Treat or Prevent Diaper Rash?

1. Keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry

That is the key to dealing with diaper rash. Check your baby’s diaper frequently and change it as soon as it’s wet or soiled. Put the used diapers into your Diaper Genie and store them in the Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refill.

The completely sealed construction of Diaper Genie and our refill of 11 layers of EVOH materials will keep the odor from running out, stop bacterial growth and reduce inflammation.

Clean the area with warm water at each diaper change. Make sure your baby’s bottom is completely dry before putting on a new diaper.

2. Smear cream or ointment on the bottom

Some creams and ointments containing zinc oxide or glycerin are specially designed to help to soothe skin and protect the skin from moisture. Remember to swear it on the skin every time you change the diaper. But remember to consult your pediatrician about which product to choose.

3. Choose the right diaper size for your baby.

4. Pat the bottom dry to avoid rubbing which may break the fragile skin.

Want to know what is diaper rash and are curious about what causes it? Click here.

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