How Much Cat Litter to Use in the Litter Box?


One problem every new cat owner faces is how much litter to put in the litter box.
In general, the amount of cat litter placed at a depth of 3-5 cm is optimal.
Because too much cat litter can cause cats to scratch everywhere, and too thick litter can make cats uncomfortable to tread on. And it is not convenient for cat owners to clean up. Using too much cat litter at one time is also a burden on the cost, so don't put too much cat litter in the litter box.
Too thin litter, on the other hand, doesn't absorb the smell and moisture of waste as well as it should, so too little litter won't do either.
Firstly, it is recommended to set the appropriate litter thickness based on your cat's behavior.
If the cat is naughty and likes to dig the cat litter, it is recommended to increase the thickness of the cat litter appropriately, generally 8-10 cm.
If the cat is quiet during its routine, a thickness of 3-5 cm of litter can meet the cat's needs.

how much cat litter to use
Secondly, set the thickness of the litter according to the type of litter.
If it is bentonite cat litter with very small particles, easy to cake after water absorption, it is recommended to lay a little thicker, generally 5-6cm. While pine cat litter belongs to a larger cat litter, and when it encounters water, it turns into powder, then laying 2-3cm can be enough.
Finally, it depends on the type of litter box.
If it is an open cat litter box, because the cat litter is easy to be scratched out by the cat, the waste is more serious, it is recommended to put a little less cat litter, and the closed cat litter box does not have the above problems, you can put a little more.

how much cat litter to use

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