How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water?


Water is the source of life, for both you and your life.

Lack of water for a long time can result in health problems or even death. The longer your cat goes without water, the more severe it will be.


It’s reported that some cats have survived over 7 days without water. However, as it is not good for cats, you should take good care of your pal.

If your cat hasn’t had water for a few days, we highly recommend that you take your cat to consult with your vet as soon as possible to help your cat get well.


But don’t you wonder, how long can a cat go without water? But it’s not safe to test it on your cat.

In this blog, we will introduce it in detail for you.

How much water does a cat need?

In general, cat owners leave a bowl of water and cats go to the bowl to drink when they feel thirsty. Then you add water before the end.

Do you have the exact amount of water your cat needs?


Generally speaking, a cat needs to drink 2 to 4 ounces of water every day. And it depends on the following factors:

Size of your cat: the bigger your cat is, the more water will your cat need.

Type of cat food: If you just feed dry food to your cat, she or he needs to drink more water. But if your cat eats wet or canned cat food that contains water, your cat will drink less.

Active or not: Doing exercises will consume energy, leading to drinking more water.

How long can a cat survive without water?

Cats are one of the most important parts of your life. You try your best to love your cat and meet all her or his needs.

But what happens to your cat if there are unforeseen circumstances and you can't go home?


In fact, cats can only live several days without water. As long as there is a water source available in the house even if there is no cat food, your cat will survive. But if you forget to add water, your cat will mostly die within a week with food provided. Water is much more essential to your cat’s health.


Without water, your cat’s liver will begin to fail to work and its muscle will catabolize, leaving your cat in pain and even leading to death.

What should you do to help your pal?

We highly recommend you prepare a cat water fountain with a large capacity for your cat.

Lionpapa’s best cat water fountain will help you a lot if you are worried about leaving your cat without water someday.

With a large capacity of 3L, Lionpapa’s cat water fountain can meet your cat’s water need for 10 days for one cat.

Two water flow modes contribute to enticing your cat to drink more water to meet its basic need.

All parts of this automatic cat drinker water fountain are made of food-grade ABS plastic. The cat water fountain has been certified by professional organizations including CE, FC and ROHS.

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