Why Does My Cat Needs a Cat Water Fountain?


Cats are notoriously fastidious, especially when it comes to drinking. Some cats don’t drink from bowls and any vessel until you tap on their heads, others only drink from their owners’ glass cup.

Don’t hesitate to buy a cat water fountain for your cat, such as Lionpapa Cat Drinking Water Fountain.

With the large capacity of 3L of Lionpapa best cat drinking water fountain, even if you have to travel for 10 days, you don’t have to worry about the water supply for your cat.

Made of food-grade ABS plastic, this cat water fountain does no harm to your cat. Let your cat drink safely.

Cat water fountain should be a necessity for domesticated cats. Here are the reasons:

Cats’ Low Thirst Drive

Most cats don’t drink much. Do you have an idea about the reason behind it?

It’s not exceptional but universal. That’s because cats have no instinct to drink much. Cats are born to get the moisture they need from the prey they catch.

Since it is almost impossible for your pet cats to catch prey and most cat foods on the market are low in water, your cats should drink more.

Water Is Vital for Your Cat

According to veterinarians, the intake of water has a significant impact on the health of cats.

Kidney and urinary diseases have an elevated incidence in cats. In order to prevent them, cats need to drink more water.

Otherwise, the minerals in their urine could start to crystallize and the stones from, which come with dire consequences.

As the running water of cat water fountain attracts cats much more than water in the bowls, a cat water fountain can prevent health problems as well as a steep vet bill.

Fresh Water Rather Than Still Water

If you pay attention to it, you will find that your cat is willing to drink from kitchen and bathroom faucets instead of bowls.

It is because there is a natural instinct for cats that still water contains a lot of germs and it risks that there may be predators hiding beneath the surface. That’s why some cats tap the water in their bowl with their paws before drinking.

A cat water fountain helps to dispel your cat’s fear of still water and induce them to drink. The circulation of water fountain prevents bacteria and fungi in standing water and allows you to keep your cat’s safety.

In addition, the filter element in cat water fountain filters out impurities from tap water, thus improving the quality of water.

Last but not least, the interesting water flow mode contributes to enticing your cat to drink more water.

Cats Don’t Like Their Whiskers to Be Touched

Pets enjoy being petted, but there are sensitive areas. For example, cats don’t like their whiskers to be touched.

The whiskers are sensory organs, and connect nerves, very sensitive.

Your cat is likely to become stressed when you touch its whiskers without a good reason. If you water your cat with a bowl, its whiskers may get touched when drinking. Then it will drink less due to the stress.

Water fountain is designed to keep your cat’s whiskers untouched and leave a comfortable and stress-free drinking experience.

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