The Best Cat Water Fountain in 2021


What features do you think a good cat water fountain must have? Large capacity, quiet operation, or automatic circulation system?

Coming up on Lionpapa's blog, we'll tell you from multiple angles how we successfully developed the best cat water fountain.

How to be a best cat water fountain in 2021

Cat water fountains have been around for years, but what is the best one in 2021?

Lionpapa has summed up the defects in previous products on the market, made improvements, and summarized the following necessary features. Lionpapa's pet water fountain was officially launched in July 2021.

best cat water fountain

Food-grade materials

Lionpapa's pet water fountain is made of food-grade ABS material, which has been certified by CE, FC, ROHS and other professional organizations, so that cats can enjoy the same health and safety level as humans, and the water quality will not be affected by the material of the water fountain.

Large capacity

It's not practical to give your cat water in a bowl because the capacity is too small, the water needs to be changed frequently, and your cat could become dehydrated if you don't notice it.

Most of the best-selling cat water fountains on Amazon are 2L in capacity, while Lionpapa's is 3L in capacity. By increasing the volume capacity, more water can be stored, which can effectively cope with the business trip when the owner is temporarily away from home.

Water circulation system

As we mentioned earlier, cats prefer to drink running water, so a water circulation system is essential for a cat water fountain.

When water is constantly circulating, it is difficult for bacteria to live in it, which effectively suppresses their growth.


Lionpapa's cat drinker also comes with a 5-layer filter (including activated carbon, fiber and resin) to filter out bad impurities and odors that can make cats hate drinking water.

The filter element is replaceable, so you can always be sure the water is pure.

Wide drinking surfaces

Most cats are small and short, so they don't like containers that are narrow and deep.

Lionpapa's cat water fountain is 19*19*13.5cm in size. The wide and flat water surface is more convenient for cats to drink.

Beautiful design

This isn't required, but it's an appealing point. Beautiful design will make the cat water fountain better integrated into your home decor.


Are water fountains good for cats?

Before getting a cat water fountain, ask yourself if your cat needs it.

It seems that in the minds of many cat owners, the cat water fountain is just a superfluous product. They think, to feed the cat just need to fill a water bowl with tap water, and there is no need to buy a cat water fountain.

Only a few true cat lover would consider the question: Is still water harmful to cats' health? Is the quality of tap water clean and will the cat be uncomfortable to drink it?


If you look at outdoor cat drinking scenes, you'll see that they prefer to seek out a trickle or running source rather than a stagnant pool.

Over the course of their evolution, cats may have learned that stagnant water sources are more likely to make them sick.

Our domestic cats still have this innate knowledge, so drinking from a bowl is not ideal for them.


Cats are also extremely sensitive to tastes and smells.

A bad smell can negatively affect how much water they drink.

The chemicals in the tap water and the bowl itself may have a smell or taste that causes the cat to resist drinking.

Water fountains with filters can solve this problem by providing your cat with an odorless supply of water


So, if you're a good cat owner and want to really think about your cat, a cat water fountain is an absolute necessity. It's really good for your cat.

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