What's the Best Cat Litter in the 9 Categories?


As a daily consumable, especially for families with multiple cats, the amount of cat litter is simply immeasurable. Therefore, it is very important to choose a cost-effective cat litter suitable for cats, which can not only reduce the cost, but also reduce the frequency of changing cat litter, after all, no one wants to have frequent contact with cat excrement.

 What's the Best Cat Litter in the 9 Categories?

There are currently 9 categories of cat litter to choose from, namely crystal, bentonite, pine, paper, corn, tofu, mineral, mixed, zeolite. Among them, bentonite, crystal, pine, tofu and mixed cat litter are the most common.

Bentonite cat litter: Made of bentonite, the particles are relatively small, and sometimes the cat will get some small particles stuck between the toes after going to the toilet, and occasionally will be licked. Feces and urine can be agglomerate, good comfort, general ability to cover odor, dusty, inconvenient to handle.

Crystal cat litter: The main component is silica, cat's poop can be agglomerate, urine can not clump, so for the cat owner who is accustomed to using clumped cat litter, it may not be too comfortable at first. Good comfort, excellent ability to cover odors, no dust, inconvenient to handle.

Tofu cat litter: Made from tofu dregs, it is environmentally friendly cat litter and can be flushed directly into the toilet. Feces and urine can be agglomerate, good comfort, excellent ability to cover odors, no dust, easy to handle.

Pine cat litter: Made from pine wood, needs to be paired with a double litter box, because pine sand is powdered when exposed to water. Feces and urine are not agglomerate, rough to the touch, good ability to cover odor, a small amount of dust, easy to handle.

Paper cat litter: Made of paper substances, and the particles are relatively large, relatively few on the market, but if your cat does not like the above several, it is also a good choice.


The cat litter that is highly soluble and can be flushed into the toilet is: pine, paper, corn and tofu cat litter.

However, I personally do not recommend this.

After all, you have shoveled it out, and you still have to transfer it to the toilet, and bear the continuous odor and risk of blockage? Wouldn't it be better to dump it straight into the trash? Litter Genie can be a great help for you as the best litter trash can.


Personally, I think that the best one to use at present is mixed cat litter, which combines the powerful agglomeration effect of bentonite, the deodorization of tofu cat litter, low dust and other advantages.

But mixed cat litter has ingredients that are inedible and insoluble in water. In order to prevent cats from eating by mistake, it is best to use pure tofu / corn cat litter, you don't have to worry about the problem of cat accidental eating with these two thing, they're also environmentally friendly.

The difference is that corn cat litter dust is less, but it is more susceptible to moisture and mold, so the current tofu cat litter on the market is more recognized by the majority of cat owners.

The cheap bentonite is easy to be inhaled into the lungs by cats because of dust problems, or adsorbed in the wound to cause infection, it is not recommended to use, unless you can buy very good quality.

All in all, each cat has different preferences, there is no best, only the most suitable, there is always a cat litter suitable for your cat. Frequent cleaning is the most important, it is recommended to clean up twice a day, remember to make up in time when cat litter is not enough, all changed once a week or so. Wash the litter box by the way, dry it, and add 5-8cm of cat litter.


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