Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator, Smart Deodorizer Genie

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Features for Pet Odor Eliminator

Safety and Effective

Lionpapa cat litter box odor eliminator uses a new and safe automatic deodorant technology. After more than 50 tests, the average deodorization rate of this pet odor eliminator device can reach more than 90%.
Unlike scented cat litter, deodorant powder or neutralizer, it does not produce any harmful smoke or odor, and cats do not feel anything unusual.

Intelligent Mute

Our cat litter deodorizer is equipped with a highly sensitive bio-sensor system that intelligently recognizes the moment the cat is coming in and out. When the cat approaches, the smart cat deodorizer will automatically turn off through the built-in infrared sensor.
After the cat left, it began to eliminate the smell effectively. At the same time, the mute design below the 20dB ensures that your cat will not be disturbed.

Stable and Anti-scratch Design

Our deodorizer has a sticker on the back and a silicone lanyard on the top. The surface material is anti-scratch design, so you don't have to worry about the device falling off due to cat scratches.

Economic and Environmental Protection

Cat litter deodorizer USB powered, low power consumption (about 1W electric power), a charge can provide 8-10 days of battery life. There is no need to buy any other consumables.
Packages include: 1x cat litter odor eliminator, 1x USB cable (excluding power adapter).

Suitable for a Variety of Occasions

It is suitable for all kinds of occasions that need deodorization, such as cat litter box, pet house, shoebox, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and so on.

100% satisfied with customer service

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