Cat Litter Refills (16-Pack) for Litter Genie Standard and Plus Pail

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Keep Your Room Smelling Fresh Get Best Pet Litter Locker Refill Replacement from Lionpapa

11 layers refills keep odor away

Lionpapa cat litter refills are composed of 11 layers EVOH materials, which make refills stronger and durable.
With high odor barrier materials, the cat Litter Refills will keep your room fresh and comfortable.

Large Capacity Refills

Lionpapa features 15 feet refill in each box, which can use up to 8 weeks for your cat.
You don't change garbage bags every day and endure the unpleasant smell.

Compatibility for Lionpapa Cat Litter Refills

Lionpapa cat litter refills fit litter Genie plus and litter Genie standard replacement for you to choose.

LIONPAPA Customer Service

We will offer replacement, return or refund if you are not satisfied with our products When you bought any products at lionpapa.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us we will reply you in 24h.

Free Shipping

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FAQ of about 16 Pack Cat Litter Refills

Q: How many feet long are the cat litter refills? I want compare it and hope to get the cheaper.
A: Lionpapa features 15 feet refill in each box. Compare with other lionpapa cat litter refills are the cheaper.

Q: How long is the bag in each cartridge?
A: One of Lionpapa cat litter refills can use up to 8 weeks for your cat.

Q: Can I use this for a dogs?
A: Yes, the cat litter refills can be used for dogs but we suggest you discard the waste while it is already in a plastic bag.

Q: Which models of this product can this garbage bag be used?
A: These refills fit Litter Genie Plus and Litter Genie Standard replacement.